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Fish dryer with heat condensor refrigerator using solar energy

Authors : Yulianus Songli(1), Kristiana Pasau(2), Agustina Kassa(2) and Corvis L Rantererung(2) Abstract. The fish dryer used is an innovation that utilizes the exhaust heat of the Refrigerator condensor using solar energy. The fish cooling system has an evaporator component with very low pressure and temperature so that it can absorb heat or cool the fish, while the refrigerator condensor functions to dissipate heat. The potential for condensor exhaust heat reaches a very good temperature as a source of heat energy for fish drying for fishermen. The test method is carried out on the dryer using the exhaust heat of a solar-powered refrigerator condensor as a heater in the fish drying rack space. The material in the form of dried fish is split beforehand so that the fish meat can easily release water content and dry quickly. This research was conducted by measuring the exhaust heat temperature of the Refrigerator condensor pipe which is placed in the fish drying rack space and decreasing the mass and water content of the fish. The results of this study produce a new method of utilizing the Refrigerator condensor exhaust heat that has not yet been available. The facts in the field show that the refrigerator condenser exhaust heat is very potential and effective to be used to dry fish. Drying takes place under controlled temperature, the exhaust heat from the condenser can reach 65.3 oC and dry fish reaches a moisture content of 10.50%.

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